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By the Western Wall

Gifts Donated to Israelis

This holiday season send a gift from Israel to war affected families and soldiers. 

Candy Corner Israel | @candycornerisrael | $18-$50

Choose from three of available discounted candy trays (all certified kosher) and they will send it along with families of soldiers visiting bases for the soldiers and families to enjoy. Choose from any of the trays and it will be delivered straight to an army base on your behalf. 

Sweets for Soldiers.png

JClay Jerusalem | @jclaystudio | $20+

This pottery studio in Jerusalem is putting together events for families displaced by the war that are currently in Jerusalem, and need donations to cover the costs. Help bring some fun and relaxation to these war affected families by sponsoring a child, family, or an entire event.


Comfort Basket for Soldiers’ Wives 
(use Google translate)

Box from Jerusalem | @Box_from_jerusalem | $63

These gift boxes are for soldiers’ wives, providing a little comfort in a sea of ​​pain and sorrow. The delivery will be sent anonymously. Box from Jerusalem is a Jerusalem-based small family business. The business was founded by Chen and Alon Koren, a couple taking an active role in connecting the different and diverse factions in Israel. Both grew up in the surroundings of the Gaza strip. The days aren’t easy and a wave of uncertainty has taken over everyone. With your purchase of this box, we are able to support many Israeli businesses while supporting soldiers’ wives.

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