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Hanukkah Symbols

Menorahs, Candles, & Dreidels

Muli 1969 | @muli1969 | $57.23+

Aluminum menorah with a personal illustration of your loved ones! Option to add candles to the gift.

Personal Illustration Menorah.png

Maiyan Ceramic | @maiyanbenyona | $227

The Menorah is made from colored porcelain with the slip-casting technique and hand-decorated. The menorah is made of 9 separate pieces, 8 of the same size and the 9th piece larger (the "Shamash").


Zohar Shaham | @zoharshahamceramic | $135

A beautiful handmade modular menorah will light up your home this coming Hannukah! This unique Hanukkiah is elegant, minimalistic, and beautiful, combining modern contemporary art and Jewish tradition. Don’t miss Zohar’s candlesticks, bowls, serving platters and more!


Studio Armadillo| @armadillo_judaica_lovers | $229

A Hanukkah Menorah in Modern geometric Judaica design, made of white ceramic. This modern Judaica Hannukah Menorah design is inspired by Origami - The design process begins with paper folding. The final design is transformed into ceramic molds. Also check out the havdalah set, candlesticks, challah covers, and mezuzahs!

studio armadillo.png

Barbura | | $124

Handmade Menorah made out of ceramic with brass canes. ‎Modern and contemporary design for the Hanukkah Menorah, inspired by the shape of the traditional ‎Menorah. While you’re in her shop don’t miss the Ceramic and Brass Vases.


Muza Eretz Museum Israel Tel Aviv | @muzashop_tlv $114

Entirely hand-crafted by Israeli artist Graciela Noemi, this menorah features various natural components, lovingly mixed using a special formula. With separate square cubes in stunning translucent colors, each lighting becomes an expression of individuality as you decide the cubes’ order and arrangement.


Haken | | $7.60

A box of high-quality Hanukkah candles in minimalist monochromatic shades. 10% of this purchase will go to rebuilding Nahal Oz.


JUDATLV | $42.70

This leather dreidel is a modern take on the traditional Jewish dreidel. This Judaica art piece, handmade in Israel, is a perfect Hanukkah gift. By creating two vertical slits in the leather, the circle of leather is folded into the dreidel's shape and threaded through a slit in the brass handle, thus fixating its form.

leather dreidel.png

Laura Cowan | @laurajudaica | $125

This Tic Tac Toe Menorah is a dual-purpose Menorah and game! Each of the ten components is a game piece, and the shamash is created from 2 stacked parts. All the pieces come together to create the Menorah and you can play with the layout to create your own design.

tic tac toe.png

MotiArtGlass | $79

Red or green fused glass menorah with candlesticks covered in spray paint.

fused glass menorah.png

Dadole | $80

This Menorah consists of two parts, one inner piece holding the candle cups while the outer piece can be shifted, allowing another candle to be lit each night. The words “These candles that we light,” are written in Hebrew. They are the opening words from the classic Hanukkah prayer said immediately after candle lighting. Eight different colors are available.

pocket menorah.png

BerkoDecor | @berkodesignstudio | $149

Terrazzo Menorahs beautifully blend history and contemporary design. Crafted to perfection, each piece carries a story of nature's finest materials harmoniously combined by skilled artisans. The menorahs comprise two essential parts: the menorah body and the "Shamash," designed to fit seamlessly together, much like a captivating puzzle. Choose from a diverse selection of shades for the "Shamash" to match your preferences. The menorah is suitable for using candles or small cups of oil. The Menorah comes together with a set of aluminum candlesticks to hold the candles.

berko decor.png

Kiyor Studio | @KiyorStudio | $125

This simple menorah is hand built from clay hewn in the land of Israel, not far from where the miracle of Chanukah took place.  It is painted in shades of blue, inspired by the flag of Israel. It has 22 karat gold kiln fired accents to signify the precious miracle of Chanukah.

Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 8.28.17 AM.png

Crafts Origin | @craftsorigin | $7.64

Pack of Shamash candles for 8 days of Hanukkah. Natural beeswax candles by hand dipping on one wick. Length: 12-14 cm Combustion time: 1.5 hours. Reuse of raw material collected from the beekeeping industry. Handmade in a traditional and environmentally friendly method.

Chanukah Candles.png

Safed Candles | $15.00

Bright and colorful these handcrafted multi-colored Hanukkah candles will certainly add to the joyfulness and fun of the holiday. Presenting tones of yellow, red, orange, and blue these candles are each dipped by hand. Containing 45 Hanukkah candles in total – this set will last for all eight days of the holiday. Each candle burns over one hour. The back of the box of the candles contains the Hanukkah candle lighting blessing in both English and Hebrew. Rainbow and blue and white varieties are also available. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 8.48.01 AM.png

Art with Neshama | @artwithneshama | $7.64

Vibrant handmade wooden dreidels for all ages in a large selection of designs. Size 9cm diameter (size of donut).

colorful dreidels.png
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