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Fruits and Nuts

For Seder

Food & Drink Items for your Tu B'Shevat Seder (or any day!)

​​​​A curated, succulent collection of Israeli dried fruits and nuts plus a bottle of fine Israeli wine and topped with a colorful hand-painted Armenian style nut bowl all creatively displayed on a reusable bamboo board. All deliveries outside of Jerusalem are based on a 3rd party service. Inquire for delivery rate. This company has many gift box options available with fruit, nuts, candy, wine and non-edible items.


Hasod | @hasod_store | $109

This gift box includes 5 different local treats: boutique olive oil, organic olive tapenade, handmade toffee bars box, holly cacao chocolate, honey and a wooden honey dipper, and organic dates. Although made for Rosh Hashana, the items work for Tu B’shevat too! A decorative plate and mini bowl are also included in the gift box with a bouquet of dried flowers.


Devarim Yafimo | $81.75

The cup and the saucer are made of hammered stainless steel and embellished by hand with polymer clay. This is another beautiful goblet wine glass option.


Ingrid Debard Ceramics | @ingriddebardceramics $110

Handmade ceramic serving bowls. The inside of the bowl features a blue glaze and the outside is black clay.


Wine on the Vine | @wine_on_the_vine | Varies 

Founded in 2020 as an offshoot of The Israel Innovation Fund’s flagship program, Wine on the Vine is a full-service online wine store dedicated to sharing the best wine from our partner wineries in Israel with consumers around the world. Shop Israeli wines for a one-time purchase or join their monthly wine club. If you'd like to further support Israeli's wine industry, consider planting a vine or even a whole vineyard!


Ten'e Gifts | @tenegifts | $ 88.77

This gift box includes rosé wine by Tulip winery, handmade ceramic vase with dried flowers, cotton scented diffuser, scented candle in a gold tin, and mini hand cream. Check this other wine gift box that includes a corkers art addition ($44.39).


Studio DAVKA | @studiodavka | $125

Handmade stoneware semicircle plate. Each plate is unique and has its own chattering decoration with silky white glaze. This plate is inspired by the arches of the house making it the signature piece of the set. 

Semi circle serving plate – studiodavka.png

This colorful handmade 9-inch glass serving bowl features a retro and floral pattern design that is a true work of art. It's versatile and can be used as a fruit bowl, a centerpiece on your kitchen or holiday table, or even as a salad bowl for dinner parties. Check out the decorative apple and hand washing cup in the collection.

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