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Herb Plants

For Ritual

Yair Emanuel | $256

This Havdalah set is silver hammered metal featuring a pomegranate design. This beautiful set includes a cup, a candle holder and spice holder for besamim. Check out this Yair Emanuel serving tray, Shabbat candles, and hand washing cup each featuring pomegranates.


GalaStudio | @galadesignstudio | $28.27

This handmade Mezuzah is created from high-quality wood. The top part of the case is printed in a special technique with a unique pattern, adding a pop of color and personality to your Mezuzah display.


Odelia Yankovich | @odelia.yankovich | $21.74

A perfect DIY activity for kids to collect Tzedakah or save money in this unique bank they created.


OliveTreeCraftman | @epoxy.wood.craft | $108

This olivewood and resin Mezuzah is hand crafted by a Jewish Israeli craftsman living in a kibbutz in the north of Israel, with a lot of love and attention to the smallest detail.

Multicolor 6'' Mezuzah Case , Mezzuzah Case for Scroll , No Scroll Mesusa , Present for Je

Avigael Creations | @avigaelcreation | $81

Hand-painted challah cover that is 100% silk and 100% unique. Light up your home and Shabbat table with a unique hand-painted silk challah cover! Check out this bright colored flower field challah cover option.

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