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Colorful Toys


Yair Emanuel | $129

Designed as a playful Locomotive train with functioning wheels and hinged carts, the Shamash sits at the front of the train. Perfect to inspire children to participate in the lighting of the Menorah.


PIGZstore  | @pigz_store | $75

Handmade piggy bank in Tel Aviv that comes in multiple colors and sizes. It can be personalized in English and Hebrew.

Piggy Bankd.png

Wooden Educational Toy | @woodeneducationaltoy  $48.88

Wooden tea set and rainbow cake for playing. This beautiful wooden coffee set is handcrafted. Limited quantity available. See all options in the collection.

Screen Shot 2023-11-24 at 10.18.05 PM.png

Space Panda TLV | @spacepandatlv | $90

Duffle bag that can be used for sports or sleepovers. Items can be personalized in Hebrew and English and come in multiple patterns. 

Personalized Duffle.png

Yad Lakashish | @yadlakashish | $25

This delightful Hanukkah gift set comes with 6 colorful dreidels made of paper mache. Each dreidel is made by hand, painted and covered in lacquer. The dreidels come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.


OyJoy by Yochi Moran |  @oyjoy16  | $26.10

Fun Chanukah project coloring in a holiday themed shirt. This custom toddler long-sleeve tee is made from 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey. Available in 2T, 3T, 4T, and 5-6T sizes.

Color Shirt.png

Muza Eretz Israel Museum | @muzashop_tlv | $33

Cardboard menorah to assemble and decorate. This museum shop is full of finds including these chanukah cookie cutters!

paint menorah.png

Yad LaKashish | @yadlakashish | $12.11

A set of colored pencils for all ages. On the outside, hand-embroidered unicorn, tractor, houses, cars or chameleon, your choice! The set is closed by rolling it up and tying the two attached ribbons. Yad LaKashish is a nonprofit that empowers elderly in need in Jerusalem through work, art, & essential services.

Colored Pencil Set.png

Handwritten Aleph Bet Wooden Stamp Set

Israeli Toys | $15.39

Hebrew alphabet wooden stamps. The stamps are made of wood and quality rubber and also include the Hebrew alphabet letters and vowels. A perfect set for learning letters, writing words, designing notes, and notebooks. While you’re enjoying alphabet activities check out the blocks and bath toys they carry!


Judaica Love | $19.50

This kippah is intended for children and features stars in different sizes and colors as imagined by the artist. It is made from the finest fabrics and comes in other playful patterns.


Victoria Minimalist | @victoriaminimalistjewelry | $25.50

Bracelet that can be customized in Hebrew and English with different font and material choices.

Name Bracelet .png

TrickTruck | $186.83

This craftsman combines his three loves: wood working, vehicles and busy happy grandchildren to create toys from tree scraps. This Hailey the Car Hauler - a wooden toy truck with movable ramps includes five colored cars, a flat nose cabin and a peg driver. The shop also sells a variety of cars including this small red car ($25) and a truck with 6 passengers ($40).

toy truck.png

DollswithLoveCrafts by Inna | $113.09

Beautiful handmade doll that is 10 inches tall. Other male and female dolls available. 


ElinaItzhakiArtS | | $33.20

The kids heavy cotton tee is perfect for everyday use. Made with 100%, midweight US cotton that feels soft to the touch and a great choice for any season. The crew neckline along with the tee's classic fit, deliver a timeless style that is perfect for daily use. Sizes XS-XL and a selection of colors available.

This is how I roll Tshirt.png

Odelia Yankovich | @odelia.yankovich | $28.33

A fun activity kit creating a musical rainstick, which sounds pleasant when turned from top to bottom.

Rainstick raft.png

Muza Eretz Israel Museum | @muzashop_tlv | $7.60

Israeli themed squishy! This museum shop is full of finds including these chanukah cookie cutters!


Jovi Store | $19.99

Gili Drober | $19.79

Vegetable-based, gluten-free and non-toxic modeling clay. It is also free of major allergens, making it a safe choice for children with allergies. It is a perfect gift for children, it is educational and fun, guaranteed fun with the dough of a lifetime! The colors can be easily mixed to create new tones and shades, stimulating children's imagination and creativity.


Clay artist Gili Drober from Ashdod offers several children’s clay craft books including The Magical Forest: A Step by Step Guide to Creating Fairy Tales with Modeling Clay.

clay and clay book.png
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