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Herb Plants

For Planting

Jewish National Fund  | @jnfusa | $18

Planting trees in Israel is a beautiful way to show you care. Plant one for yourself or pay tribute to a loved one now.


ClaybyDannah | @claybydannah | $76.50

This large contemporary turquoise ceramic planter has a round egg-shaped vase with fringes on edges. The planter can come with a drainage hole and a saucer plate.


Gur Inbar | @gur.inbar | $155

This vase is wheel thrown. It's made of Porcelain, hand-painted, and fired to a high temperature. A vase that could either go on a shelf or be a part of a flower arrangement.


OrlyRabinowitz | $67.85

Warm florals and stripes make up this stylish orange, red and pale blue flower pot. This pot has a ceramic base and a colorful tile-like pattern achieved using a handmade technique called Millefiori out of polymer clay. Check out this beautiful fruit bowl also featured in the collection.

image (3).png

MoMarksDesign | @momarksdesign | $149

A handmade mosaic flower pot in pastel colors, which looks great in any space or in the garden.


Baalot Melacha | @baalot.m | $159

Each vase is a testament to the uniqueness of Israeli wood trunks, carefully sourced from different regions. The captivating forms of these vases are intricately carved, allowing the natural shape of the wood to guide the design process. Inside this vase is a glass tube for the water for the flowers.

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